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Astral Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a registered company under Companies Act 2017 Govt. of Pakistan, commencing its business since 1996, registered in 2018. We have identfied thousands of the industrial & domestic problems, completed prototype solution and made hundreds of products to fulfil the industrial and domestic needs, till date. Our team comprises of professional engineers, R&D experts, academians, project managers and in-house consultants. Our aim is to promote engineering industry by local production & manufacturing, to end unemployment by promoting economic activity and job creation, to develop innovation & creativity skills in the masses and to resolve real life problems by promoting RnD.


Our vision is to self-sustain Pakistan's economy and stop unemployment via industrial production of solutions, products and services to resolve the real life problems and to meet the day to day needs.


Our mission is to propose innovative solutions to any field of life via state of the art RnD, increase industrial production to meet our needs, reduce import bill and enhance exports. We aim to promote innovative ideas to create business opportunities via startups incubation and to provide a platform to the youth where they dream, build and rise. We collaborate between institutions to create prototypes, test them in stringent controlled environment, get it certified and create minimum viable products (MVPs).

CEO Saleem Sultan ALI

CEO Message: Development of any country depends on its local production which creates opportunities of employment. In last five decades, Pakistan’s local industry has been destroyed and we are compelled to depend on imported products, specifically for technological products. This complete paradigm shift from Production Economy to Consumer Economy has increased an immense pressure on our National exchequer. At the same time, this change has unemployed millions of people in Pakistan.
We, here at Astral Technologies, have accepted the challenge to utilize our intelligent and skillful youth to rebuild our country’s economy by starting local production, identifying the real life problems and new ideas to find best suitable low cost solutions, applying proper quality control procedures, improving packaging and presentation, proper marketing, planning supply chain and providing the reliable after sale services