Fyp Ideas

Note: To get proposal of any idea listed below call on this number: 03335114213


  • Suicide attacker prevention system
  • Fuel tank monitoring system
  • Earthquake Alert System With Auto Exit Door And Lights Control
  • Home Automation System With Wearable Data Glove
  • Fuel Refiling Monitoring & Theft Alert System
  • Smart Helmet For Accident Reporting
  • Advance CAR security system
  • Hybrid Metal Detector
  • Smart Helmet for fuel filling
  • Human detection system behind wall
  • Drip irrigation system
  • GSM based water reservoir monitoring and control system
  • Baby hypothermia monitoring bracelet
  • Automatic Poultry form sliding Roof control system
  • Gold detector.
  • Ultrasonic accident prevention system for vehicles
  • Smart phone control room air cooler
  • Owner active smart gun
  • Portable explosive detector
  • Solar insect killer for home


  • Non-linear load power factor correction system
  • High voltage electric fence security system
  • Underground cable fault detection system
  • Hybrid power management system between solar and WAPDA
  • Free energy cell
  • GSM based Prepaid Energy Meter
  • Smart Connection less led light
  • Smart UPS with auto load management system
  • SCADA system for industrial applications
  • IOT based SCADA system with mobile App
  • Smart UPS system with batter health and load monitoring with mobile App and IOT


  • Shark Robot for water surface cleaning
  • Glass cleaning robot for hotels and shopping malls
  • Automatic grace cutting robot for lawn
  • Remote controlled wall climbing robot
  • Smart vehicle with extendable wheels to avoid traffic
  • Laid mine finder robot
  • Office assistant robot
  • Autonomous Robotic drilling system
  • Smart video graphic robot
  • Under water Drowned vehicle searcher robot
  • Selective compliance assembly Robot (SCRA)


  • Home automation using cell phone and DTMF technology
  • RF energy harvesting
  • 4G gate-keeper with audio and video communication and surveillance
  • Clash proof industrial sensors network
  • Long rang Mobile network less messaging system
  • Audio and Videoconferencing system using Radiofrequency (AVCRF)
  • Radio frequency based wireless battery charger
  • Wireless Eavesdropping device
  • Wireless Waiter calling system for hotels with table ID
  • Wireless object movement and theft detection system
  • Wireless children security system
  • Fiber optic cable cut and fault location detection system
  • Audio communication using LIFI technology
  • Audio communication using infrared technology
  • Advanced GSM tower antenna direction control system

    Procedure for getting idea proposal for FYP

  • We will provide new industrial idea for final year project.
  • For proposal you have to pay in advance 10,000 PKR eg: if total project price is 40,000 and you pay 10,000 for proposal your remaining amount is now 30,000.
  • If the proposal is not accepted or you want to change the proposal we will provide new proposal.
  • After the approval of proposal we will provide you complete components and equipment’s and training for project making. After that training you are able to make project on your own.
  • Advance payment is not refundable but we can adjust it in your other project.
  • Before training start you have to pay remaining amount of project.
  • We will provide you all data all relevant to your project.
  • If by any cause you are not able to design any part of your project we will provide PCB fabrication of that part.
  • We will provide help if idea is yours
  • If you refer other students to us and connect with us we will give you discount in total price.

    These projects are for all types of students:

  • School and college level
  • Diploma and B-tech level
  • Engineering level

Payment method: For payment you have to make bank deposit and sent deposit slip picture in Email. Transection should be online: Transaction from ATM is also acceptable in this case you have to send ATM recipient/ slip picture by mail.

• Account NO: 11107900210603
• Account title: Nusrat Sultana and Saleem Sultan
• Branch code: 1110
• Bank: HBL Sadiqabad Rawalpindi
• Email: asttralsoft@gmail.com